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  Ultra-Speed Double-Top Pipe Chamfering and Knurling Machine

* Toggle Clamping enables small-scale production of a variable products without plastic deformation.

* 2 Servo motors NC control can reduce loss and maximize productivity by Chamfering and Knurling both ends of pipes.

Model KNC-80A KNC-50A



Min ∅50mm / Max ∅100mm

Min ∅50mm / Max ∅100mmMin ∅50mm / Max ∅100mmMin ∅12mm / Max ∅50mm 


 Min 30mm / Max 80mm

Min 25mm / Max 80mm


 SS Materilas, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other Alloy


Simulaneous Machining (All Pipe Tubes) of one or both ends of a Pipe


Fix pipe material with two-axis toggle clamp method of left and right slide simultaneously machining both ends of pipe at super speed


2050*1910*2200 mm

2000*1900*2000 mm


395x500x440mm395x500x440mm395x500x440mm395x500x440mm1152100 Kgs(2.1Ton)

Not-Need(불요)No-Need(불요)2000 Kgs(2.0Ton)


  • Toggle clamping for strong fixation without deformation

  • Multi-category small-volume production possible

  • Increases productivity by 3~5 times by two NC controls

  • Reduce material loss rate

  • Multiple processing is possible with individual rearwards

  • Automatic inspection system completed

  • Automatic calibration function keeps the length constant

  • Minimize eccentricity as the center of product is in one line.

  • Capable of sizing facilities for customer requirement

[ Contrast of General CNC and Double Top CNC M/C ]


 General CNC M/C

  Double Top CNC M/C

 Process Type

After fixing the cutting tool, rotate the pipe product and process it.

After fixing the pipe product, rotate the cutting tools on both sides to process


Determined by X-Y coordinate program only

It can be decided according to all tool types

 Process Time

When Loading, Unloading Processing takes at least 30 seconds more

Ultra-speed average of 5 to 7 seconds



3~5 times more productive than normal CNC processing machines



Length deviation may occur depending on the supply condition

Minimize deviation by compensating length changes such as thermal expansion, tool wear, etc



Various materials are difficult to process, and material loss occurs a lot

Two servomotor drives, left and right, by each adjustment of slides.
Material loss savings and various machining processes are possible.

 Real Installation Field KNC-50A Real Movie


Min ∅50mm / Max ∅100mmMin ∅50mm / Max ∅100mmMin ∅12mm / Max ∅50mm 


 Hot Cathode Ionization Gauge

     Features: Simple key operated / recordingable / FA vacuum data management /

                     applied to various vacuum equipment and production lines.

Model : IT-3DA

Typical Specification



▲Gauge Head(Glass Tube)



B-A Type

9.9 X 10-2 to 1.0 X 10-7Pa

Schultz type

9.9 X 100 to 1.0 X 10-3Pa




2 Points

Auxiliary Function

Hysterics value, output theory


AC110V 0.5A load resistance


AC110V 0.5A load resistance

Sampling Cycle


Record Out-put

Full range DC 0 to 5V/0 to 10V

Service Temperature

0 to 40ºC

Power Voltage

AC100~240V 50/60Hz 100VA

Gauge head

(Left figure)

IV-55(B-A) / SC-45(Schultz)

need replacement with regular

Standard attachment

IV-55 (B-A) or SX-45 (Schultz),

all for ф15 connection,

Power Cord 3m, MSG Cord 2m

Dimension, Weight

L350*W150*H96mm / 4.8Kgs

 Pulse-Ion Air Blow Gun

Model : HPG-7000Model : HPG-7000


Spec Data Description

Input Voltage


(AC Adapter)


30VA / 270g / W51*H185*L158mm

Discharge Method

High Puls AC Method

Discharge Voltage


Static Ionizing Time

below 0.5 sec

Ion Balance

below ± 10V

Air Pressure Range

0.05~0.5 MPa

Air Flow

below max 300 L/min

Air Flow Type

Air: Dried Clean Air

Perss-Key Mode

Switch Mode

CONT / Press 1 (0.05s On)/ Press 2 (0.01s On)

LED Mode

Swicth on-off Mode

ON(Always)/ SYNC(Shooting)/ OFF(Always)

Running Temp, Moisture

0~+50, 30~65%


Application Fields

Air-GAir-Gun type quick cleaning unit HPG-7000

models.You can clean the air with ion air blowers.
Portable,Small and light type for easy use.
Continuous air, fast and high ionic cleansing
Static Ionizing Excellent performance for

electrostatic removal.


Kinds of PCB board, Remove dust before

assembling electronic components.Anti-static,

stabilizing,Tray making, packaging process for

semiconductor parts,and electronic components,

Glass, Wafer, Chip, Film Production,

Packaging Process, etc.

Installed Buyers

Fuji Electric, Hyundai-Mobis, Jawhua-Electronics,

Panasonic, Omron, Murata-Machine etc.

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